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Critical Success Factors of Modern Manufacturing Operation

Published In: Best Practice Created Date: 2023-10-06

Engineering leadership is in innovative thinking about how to improve, automate and optimise the process.


At all times engineers appear to be the true leaders of the industrial revolutions. 

In the business of everyday life, we often forget what leadership means. While the tools and methods evolve with the times, the essence of engineering leadership remains the same: innovative thinking about how to improve, automate, and optimise the process.
What is “leading the industrial revolution” if not industrial automation coupled with innovative thinking?
Are you running a well-optimised manufacturing process or is there room for improvement? 
Are you 100% sure your operation can’t be optimised any further?
Here at John Brooks, we have been at the forefront of supporting industrial automation in New Zealand for nearly 60 years.
Since the dawn of the industrial revolution, manufacturing has demanded greater efficiency and effectiveness. That naturally means more automation. And there is always room to automate more.
Today we'd like to inspire you to take a better look at your manufacturing process, your conveyor and your assembly line to spot opportunities for automation or even challenges where you wish there was an automation solution.
Our team has the experience and expertise to help you automate your manufacturing process beyond what you currently have and possibly beyond your expectations because we know our gear and are dedicated to your success.
Optimisation of the manufacturing process is a never-ending process because there is always something new. While large international brands are investing millions of dollars in new innovation, John Brooks specialises in helping you to choose the right equipment for your plant that is available now. 
Let’s be real, most times, there is room for improvement, and most manufacturing engineers need expert advice to help with:
Choosing the right equipment for your process with controls in place
By the way, you can ask the John Brooks team to choose the best motor, controls, gearboxes, drives and accessories – we simply know what works!
Commit to regular maintenance to ensure your equipment is performing in peak condition
Best to set a maintenance routine to secure the longevity of your equipment so that it serves for longer.
Proactively seeking opportunities to optimise more
Often times third party can spot opportunities you miss because you see them every day. You can always call on the experts from John Brooks to act as an independent third party to review your plant’s performance and get expert advice on how it can be improved
Do you work with fluid? Here is a game-changer
John Brooks offers world-leading European designed fluid handling equipment to provide the highest quality product to the New Zealand market. 
Imagine, everything you need is close at hand, because we carry a wide range of products for the dairy, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries to support many processes:
Click here to check our own innovation and choose John Brooks solutions for your fluid handling challenges.
Our engineers have already figured out, developed and tested variable speed solutions that work and are ready to be plugged into your operation. So you don’t need to be an industrial automation genius to get the full benefit of automation. And the benefit can be significant, from potential energy saving to better performant control.
Ask us how your manufacturing line can benefit from John Brooks’ own products.
How to Achieve Smooth Running of a Modern Plant?
There are three components to running a smooth manufacturing operation we know of and can help with:
  • Choose the right equipment with controls in place
    • Ask the John Brooks team to choose the best motor, controls, gearboxes, drives and accessories – we simply know what works!
  • Do regular maintenance to ensure your equipment is performing in peak condition
    • Reach out to ask how we can help!
  • Seek opportunities to optimise more
    • Call on the experts from John Brooks to review your plant’s performance and get expert advice on how it can be improved
Challenge us, call the experts to get feedback on what can be controlled or powered better. And remember to ask about energy saving we can help you with.
Did you know that for nearly 60 years John Brooks has been associated with the supply of industrial automation parts and accessories to support manufacturers across Australasia? 
Over this time, we had many talented NZ engineers working with us helping companies like yours to build and develop better plants and more automation.
Today, we are still here to support you with products from all over the globe.
Our company has three branches in New Zealand with subject matter experts across various product ranges and applications. 
John Brooks provides reliable procurement of industrial components. We also have the skills and expertise to provide automation solutions and integration and help you grow. 
We have commissioned automation jobs with various well-known companies across the nation. 
Today, John Brooks creates its own products and supplies dairy and wine products to the New Zealand and international markets.
It’s time for manufacturing engineering to step up and embrace the technology capabilities which are now known as 4.0. On some level, it’s all very techy and new, while at the end of the day, it’s the same automation we know and understand, taken to the next level.
More sensors, more controls, more sophisticated measurements and a lot more information / data transfer. Huge demand on real-time monitoring, speed and security of data transfer.
Here at John Brooks we have fully embraced the new data-driven technology and have taken it a step further. Because we understand that everyone is busy, we are now offering a range of 4.0 inspired solutions you can simply plug’n’use. 
Yes, they are all built from components we offer already and you could invest the time, money and effort to figure it out. Check out our FLUID HANDLING AND PUMP CONTROL SYSTEMS in action here.
Or you can have 4.0 tirelessly working for you sooner if you simply take one of our own products, now available off the shelf. Save time, money and effort, reach out to learn more.
Book a no-obligation on-site meeting with our Sales Engineer to discuss how we can bring your manufacturing into the data-driven future with the promise of industrial revolution 4.0.
John Brooks is able to help you with your engineering needs – contact our Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch offices for more information.