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Brand: POGGI

Right Angle Bevel & Mechanical Reversing Gears

• Right Angle Spiral Bevel Gearboxes with 1 and 2 outputs
• Shafts available in 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1 ratios

Speed of rotation
The gearboxes are engineered for an input speed (shaft A) of 1400 rpm. This speed provides, together with the power applied, an average operating life of approx. 10000 hours.
The gearboxes with reduction ratio can be used also as speedup units, provided that 500 rpm in input for ratio 1:3 and 750 rpm for ratio 1:2 are not exceeded.

For all 4-way and 3-way independent gearboxes having a ratio different from 1:1, the input shaft is A (fast), shaft C (fast) is in output and shafts B and D are slow.

Operating temperature
The permissible temperatures for trouble-free running of gearboxes should be kept within -18°C and +80°C (0°F and 170°F). 

Noise level
The accurate mounting and control allow to keep a low operating noise level, even at high running speeds.

Angular clearances
The checkable angular clearance between the gear teeth is hold within 15’ - 30’ of arc for all stock gearboxes. Should you require gearboxes for higher speeds, for unusual operating temperatures
or with reduced angular clearances, please consult us.

All units are factory filled with lubricant. The series 2000 gearboxes are lubricated with synthetic oil. Being life lubricated they do not require any periodical oil replenishment or change during all gearbox average

Thanks to the construction shape, the mounting of gearboxes is allowed in any position. The only requested caution is to advise a possible mounting with a shaft in vertical
position, in order to provide the proper lubrication.

The gearbox housing is compact and made of light alloy. The fixing flanges with threaded holes, and other guides allow the mounting in any position.

Bevel gears
The gears are made as a spiral toothing GLEASON system, made of alloy steel hardened and tempered. The running-in is made in both directions of rotation in order to ensure the good
running in both directions of our right angle gearboxes.

Shafts are made of alloy steel hardened, tempered and grounded. Exceptions are the shafts of types 2000, 2002 and the output hollow shafts of types 2012 and 2028 made of
hardened and tempered steel.

All shafts are rotating on generously sized and high quality ball bearings of first class brands.

Oil seals
For special applications, on request we can supply gearboxes with special oil seals, like for example VITON  seals for high temperatures.

For New Zealand placed web orders : Min Fee $10 Shipping Nationwide.

Note: Rural addresses we will add a small surcharge.