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About Us


John Brooks Limited is an Industrial engineering import and export company specialising in the design and supply of Industrial Automation components for New Zealand Manufacturing, Agriculture, Dairy, Wine, and other processing industries. We pride ourselves on our history of being able to recommend and find industrial products to meet our customer’s needs and provide support to them with a personal relationship that matters.

John Brooks also manufactures a comprehensive range of pump controls, and fluid handling products that allow our customers to have fine control over the transfer of their own fresh products wine milk , beer and CIP water. This control of the pump allows a saveing of energy and contributes to the sustainability of the planet. Our products focus on useability and are simple to install, easy to operate & lower maintenance costs with ability to connect to the internet and embrace an industry 4.0 mindset.

At John Brooks, we're not just an engineering firm; we're pioneers in crafting the future. For decades we've been reimagining the junction of technology, engineering, and sustainability.  

We understand that in today's fast-paced world, the future of industry is not about mere manufacturing but about intelligent, energy-saving, and sustainable processes.

Our DNA consists of expert engineers who have partnered with thousands of businesses across New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Islands, UK, China and other countries refining manufacturing through innovative engineering solutions.  While our history is rich, our vision is future-focused: To provide a sustainable industrial enterprise powered by smart engineering.

John Brooks supplies high-quality products from leading international suppliers across the industrial, mechanical and electrical spectrum. Our warehouses hold in stock Variable Speed Drives, Electric AC & DC Motors, Gearboxes, Sanitray Pumps, Power Tranmission Belts, HMI Controls, PLC and other industry 4.0 data related equipment, and various other industrial automation components. We also manufacture to order Helical Gearboxes and our pump control systems.


We stock spare parts and offer the expertise of skilled and trained engineers to assist companies in gathering specifications and being able to put together an engineered solution to meet the needs of modern manufacturing.

Why Choose John Brooks as Your Engineering Supplier?

  1. Legacy with a Modern Touch: Nearly 60 years of expertise combined with reliable and proven technology for operational automated machine tasks.
  2. Innovation-Driven: We've been at the forefront of industrial automation solutions from the design of food processing plants to custom fluid handling equipment.
  3. Global Reach with a Local Feel: While we source high-quality products from global leaders, our NZ roots run deep with branches in Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington. Our team ensures you feel a personal connection—because to us, every relationship matters.
  4. Energy-Saving Champions: We're not just about optimising your processes. We aim to make them energy-efficient. With solutions like our Variable Speed Drives and pump control systems, you could achieve up to 70% energy savings. That's not just cost-saving; it's planet-saving.
  5. Trust is Our Cornerstone: Thousands of Australasian companies have placed their trust in us. They know that when it comes to blending professional engineering with a personal touch, John Brooks stands unmatched.

Here's a few examples of how we have helped our customers recently:

  • Automation of New Zealand pavilion in Dubai World EXPO motion of the building using linear motors to facilitate the artistic wave
  • Truck wash system using configurable wash recipes controlling 150 I/O of pumps and sensors
  • High speed Linear or rotary travel water jet pin bone removal on fish fillet conveyor
  • Rapid motion corrugated cardboard cut to length machine
  • Kiwifruit tray packing at 20 trays / min
  • Testing lifetime of grinder brushes in minutes
  • Providing HMI screens with data collection and operational control via protocols to PLC’s


Our Local Team is here to help you come up with an engineering solution

John Brooks team has a proven track record of recommending the most suitable and effective industrial products to meet customer requirements. Our experts are known for the professional engineering input they provide with a personal touch that matters.

This is possible because John Brooks employs skilled and trained engineers able to assist companies in gathering specifications and coming up with engineering solutions to meet their needs and challenges.

We get involved in projects of different scales from calculating parameters of a timing belt to providing critical input in the design and
installation of a complete food processing plant.

Ask our experts to help you choose the gear you need! On top of providing great procurement of industrial components, John Brooks Limited has a skilled team of engineers who can:

•    assist with requirements gathering and provide automation solutions and integration
•    commission automation jobs, as we did with numerous well-known companies across the nation
•    innovate and develop new products specifically to address common challenges in fluid handling for dairy and wine industries for New Zealand and international markets.


With three branches nationwide and subject matter experts across various product ranges and applications, John Brooks is your local trusted supplier for leading international brands, offering in excess of 55,000 products.

The realm of engineering possibilities is vast, and there's always a space to innovate, automate, and enhance.

Not sure about the automation potential of your enterprise? Challenge us. Let's redefine what's possible together.

Dive into the future with us. Reach out to our local branches in Auckland, Wellington, or Christchurch. 
Together, let's script a sustainable future with engineering that not just works, but marvels. 

Got a project at hand? Call us today.