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John Brooks Ltd are the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of a wide range of milk pump controllers and vacuum pump controllers. Our milk pump controllers have been used by New Zealand farmers for over 20 years. Our vacuum pumps have been used for over 10 years. They are suitable for use in all types of dairy shed installations.  Whether you have a small farm with 16 cows, or a herd of 10,000 cows, John Brooks Ltd can satisfy your dairy requirements.


Now available worldwide through the John Brooks dealer network in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and China, all John Brooks Ltd dairy engineered products are designed and developed within New Zealand, and are assembled using high quality components.  We are constantly evolving our dairy engineered product range and developing new and automated farming solutions that offer our customers real value and practicality. All dairy engineered products have independent EMC reporting, and are trialled in real dairy plants before release.

Our extensive experience creating variable speed controllers has allowed us to truly optimise our milk pump control and vacuum pump control systems over the years. Our vacuum controller keep the pumps motors running at an optimal speed maintaining vacuum while reducing pump noise, and wear and tear on the pump and motor. Our milk controller runs a unique algorithm which makes the pump gentler on the milk, ensuring that milk quality and protein levels are maintained. This in turn flows the milk through the heat exchange at a slower, more constant speed to reduce the milk temperature entering the refrigerated vat. All our control systems have intuitive interfaces, allowing the automation of dairy shed processes. All these features result in large production savings benefiting the farmers in time and costs.

Our milk pumps come in IP65 cabinets which control motors up to 2.2Kw.  Our vacuum pump controls come in a wide range of configurations from 5.5Kw to 30Kw, and have the flexibility to support multiple motor configurations. We can also supply single and three phase motors, to suit your exact needs.

Full customer support and advice on our dairy engineered products is available via telephone (worldwide), and via on-site visits within New Zealand.  Our dealer and distributor networks may also be able to provide local assistance in your area. To talk to us about your dairy engineering needs, contact our John Brooks Auckland office now.