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Brewery and Winery Engineering Solutions: Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Practices in New Zealand

In the domain of craft breweries and winemaking, gentle handling and precision are paramount. John Brooks expertly converges these principles with sustainable engineering, presenting the mobile Brooks Fluid-Flo Pump. This meticulously crafted trolley-mounted system can seamlessly manoeuvre across any segment of a vineyard's processing facility.

The BFP is a testament to engineering foresight, ensuring that wine is safely transported across blending, bottling, and transferal operations, upholding its innate quality. BFP’s design emphasizes adaptability, reliability, and quality, which is vividly showcased in this 4-minute video.


Various BFP sizes  and pump technologies are available to meet the needs of small boutique wineries and large multinational brewing companies.  Flow rates range from 500 litres per hour for the small 1.5” flexible impellor pump up to 90000 litres per hour for the 3” centrifugal pump.  A variety of pipe fittings are available to suit connections to popular brewing systems including Tri Clover and RJT.



Catering to the vast spectrum of wineries, from quaint boutique establishments to vast multinational brewing behemoths, the BFP offers diverse sizes and pumping technologies. This flexibility extends from flow rates of 500 litres per hour with the compact 1.5” flexible impeller pump to a robust 90,000 litres per hour with the 3” centrifugal variant.

Moreover, our focus on universal applicability is underscored with an array of pipe fittings tailored for compatibility with prominent brewing systems, including Tri Clover and RJT.

The Brooks Fluid Pump's genesis in 2001 was a result of direct winemaker collaboration. Since its inception, the product has witnessed constant evolution, merging a motor, pump, and controls into a unified solution. Its construction boasts a malleable neoprene impeller paired with a food-grade stainless steel pump head from Bodin, an innovation conceived over half a century ago exclusively for the wine sector. Its acceptance is evident, with wineries spanning New Zealand, Australia, and the USA integrating it into their processes.

Notably, over half of New Zealand's wineries deploy one or more BFP systems.

Incorporating sustainability, the BFP design is lightweight and mobile. The hose connectivity has been engineered to negate joint stress, and specialized attachments facilitate the incorporation of winemaking additives when needed. Its sophisticated variable speed float autonomously adapts to dynamic juice levels during grape pressing.

The system's adaptability is further enhanced with a detachable wired pendant, granting winemakers remote control. This dual control setup, both via the pendant and directly on the control cabinet, offers unparalleled positioning flexibility within wineries.

Our commitment to New Zealand's wine industry is solidified with distributors located in Blenheim, New Zealand, and Melbourne, Australia, dedicated to supporting the Brooks Fluid Pump. Beyond these locations, our expansive support network blankets the entirety of New Zealand. Emphasizing minimal operational interruptions, repairs and spare components are readily available at the John Brooks office and throughout our distributor network.

Should you seek sustainable, power-efficient, and cutting-edge winemaking solutions, connect with our teams at John Brooks.

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