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Automation and Motion Control

John Brooks Ltd has been offering engineering automation services since 1978.  At that time, we were able to successfully synchronise two motors on the meat processing line at the Balclutha freezing works.  That may sound like a simple task, but in 1978 it was quite revolutionary. To ensure that the motors would work under wet environment conditions, we had to make our own IP65 encoders.  This type of innovation was the key to our early automation success.

Since 1978, we’ve continued to innovate and push engineering boundaries for our diverse customer base.  Some of the examples of work we’ve undertaken are as follows:

Aircraft Engineering:  We created service platforms that allow airline service engineers to get anywhere they need to around the bodies of Boeing 737 and Airbus 320 aircraft.  We used Servomech linear actuators with feedback coordinated with a Trio Motion controller to ensure that a convenient and level height was reached for every job.

Produce Packing: We designed and built a kiwifruit tray packing machine for a leading Te Puke-based kiwifruit packing operation.  The machine packs 36 kiwifruit into each of 20 trays per minute.  We used 36 axis of control to achieve this job - a New Zealand first.  Our machine packing speed is 400% faster than the manual pack rate.

Corrugated Cardboard: We designed a rapid motion corrugated cardboard folder and cutter for Carter Holt Harvey, which is used in the production of cardboard boxes.  The rapid motion is achieved using Brushless servo motors, Trio motion controllers and drives.

Plastic Film Printing: We used Baldor Servor motors and amplifiers, along with Re Tension control brands for roll unwinds and Re Web view for on-the-fly print viewing, to design a machine to synchronise 3 colour printing on both sides of plastic film.

Food Processing: We produced a machine to cut the pin bones from fish fillets using water jet technology.  The machine made use of linear and rotary travelling axis, and was engineered in conjunction with the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR).

Stainless Steel Polishing:  We designed a tube perforation solution to achieve polishing inside a 90° stainless steel bent tube. We used a 3-axis Baldor servo motor controlled machine with a Trio motion controller to co-ordinate the three axis, using our own special programming techniques and a Beijer HMI operator interface.  This solution removes up to 70% of material from 800mm tube length in under 20 seconds, with various cross hatch patterns and multiple zones covered over the length of the tube.

John Brooks Ltd is ready to solve your automation and motion issues.  Contact our John Brooks Auckland, John Brooks Wellington, or John Brooks Christchurch offices now.