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John Brooks Ltd have been primary authorised distributors of the Baldor range of energy efficient motors for more than 30 years, and we were one of the first New Zealand engineering supply companies to stock and promote energy efficient engineering components.  We believe that all businesses should aim to save power and enjoy the long term environmental benefits of energy usage reduction.

The Baldor Energy Efficient motors offer energy savings from the day they are installed, with typical energy savings paying for the product within just 2 years.  A typical AC motor can last 20 years, but over that time the motor purchase price is often only 1% of the running costs of the motor.  These highly efficient motors can use up to 70% less power than traditional motor models.  With huge energy savings possible, investing in these motors is a “no brainer”.

Any size of business can benefit from the on-going energy savings that eventuate from this efficient motor investment, as the motors are available in a range of sizes from 1.1Kw up to 187Kw.  The IP55 enclosure provides excellent water and dust protection, and each motor has a 3 year warranty. John Brooks Ltd carries a wide range of energy efficient motors in stock at any time, ensuring quick delivery.

The ABB Baldor Energy efficient motors are the result of an in-depth research and development program.  Baldor looked at each aspect of motor development and analysed where energy losses occurred in the motor, and then formulated an approach to eliminate these loss points.  The resulting motor was deemed to be so efficient to run that the North American Electrical Authorities paid their customers real money to replace their older standard motors with the energy efficient equivalent.

Some of the notable ABB Baldor energy efficient motor features are high insulation (allow the motor to operate at a higher temperature before failure), tight air gaps (reducing stray load losses), spike resistant wire (more resistant to power spikes and high frequencies – giving the motor a longer life, and reduced downtime), and thin laminations of high grade steel (reducing magnetic and load losses).

Currently, Baldor high efficiency motors are being used by customers as diverse as the Christchurch City Council, Sky City (for heating and ventilation), and various Municipal Authorities across New Zealand.  To purchase your own energy efficiency motors, contact our John Brooks Auckland, John Brooks Wellington, or John Brooks Christchurch offices now.