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Empowering New Zealand's Energy Landscape through Sustainable Engineering:

John Brooks has been at the forefront of energy innovation in New Zealand for over three decades as the distributor of ABB Baldor's energy-efficient motors. We were among the trailblasers in the Kiwi engineering landscape, championing the cause of energy-efficient components. Our ethos underscores the paramount importance of power conservation, both as a measure for businesses to cut costs and as a sustainable approach to preserving our environment.

From their inception, ABB Baldor Energy Efficient motors have been a testament to the promise of substantial energy savings. An enticing prospect for businesses, these motors often recoup their initial investment within a mere two years through saved energy costs.

When considering the lifespan of a typical AC motor — which can stretch up to 20 years — the initial purchase cost is but a fraction, roughly 1%, of the total operational cost. Switching to these innovative motors can translate to a staggering 70% reduction in power consumption compared to conventional motor models. Such stark savings make the transition to these motors an intuitive choice for forward-thinking businesses.

Designed to cater to a spectrum of business sizes, these motors are versatile, available in capacities from 1.1Kw to 187Kw. With features like the IP55 enclosure ensuring robust protection against the elements, and an impressive 3-year warranty, these motors are not only efficient but resilient. Recognizing the urgent needs of our clients, John Brooks maintains a comprehensive inventory of these motors, facilitating swift delivery.

The stellar efficiency of ABB Baldor motors is a culmination of rigorous research and meticulous development. ABB Baldor delved deep, identifying energy dissipation points within conventional motors, and ingeniously engineering solutions to mitigate these inefficiencies. Their groundbreaking work garnered accolades, with North American Electrical Authorities incentivizing their clientele to transition to these energy-efficient marvels, reflecting the profound impact on energy conservation.

Distinctive features of the ABB Baldor energy-efficient motors include superior insulation, allowing operations at heightened temperatures without compromising performance, minimized air gaps to reduce stray load losses, spike-resistant wiring enhancing resilience against power fluctuations, and finely laminated high-grade steel curbing magnetic and load losses.

ABB Baldor's motors have found patronage across diverse sectors in New Zealand — from being employed by the Christchurch City Council and Sky City for their heating and ventilation needs to being integrated into the operations of various Municipal Authorities.

For an energy-efficient transformation that aligns with New Zealand's sustainability vision, connect with John Brooks at our Auckland, Wellington, or Christchurch offices. Together, let's engineer a greener tomorrow.