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With a legacy spanning over half a century, John Brooks has been at the forefront of providing exemplary engineering products and services to New Zealand’s agriculture industry, shaping the backbone of one of the nation's most crucial sectors.

Innovation Rooted in Tradition: It all began in 1964, with the production of variable speed motors and gearboxes tailored for New Zealand’s wool blenders. Their success wasn’t confined to local shores; they found their way across global markets, exemplifying Kiwi innovation and engineering excellence.

Growing with the Green Fields: From those early days, our journey has seen exponential growth. Today, we offer a comprehensive suite of agricultural engineering products, ranging from belt and chain drives to bearings, motors, and lubrication solutions. Our unique insights into the specific needs of New Zealand’s farming and environmental conditions enable us to both manufacture and maintain the machinery vital for this export-oriented sector.

Accessibility Across Aotearoa: Our network is as widespread as the fields we serve. No matter where you’re located in New Zealand, our support is just around the corner. With local distributors and stockists for many of our renowned product lines, including Vee Belts and Chains, accessibility is guaranteed.

Brands that Speak Quality: Our inventory includes reliable brands like Roflex / Contitech, DID, and ABB, to name a few. From high-performance gearboxes to durable motors and speed controls, we’ve got it all.

Customised Solutions for Kiwi Needs:  Understanding the challenges of the agricultural landscape, we offer custom-engineered solutions. Be it handling heavy shock loads with Roulunds Cog belts, enabling slip on belts with the Roulunds Garden Series, or ensuring smooth operations with Wymark Lubricators, our products are designed to meet the diverse needs of the agriculture sector.

Sustainability in Every Strand: As we provide these solutions, we're conscious of the imperative to adopt sustainable practices. Our engineering innovations are geared towards energy efficiency and reducing the environmental footprint, aligning with New Zealand’s vision for a greener future.

Closing the gap: Servicing Agri-sector means we get to learn what’s missing on the market. That is how we came up with controllers that respond to the growing demand for remote control of water usage that is sustainable and offers cost-savings. Learn more about john Brooks manufactured products for Fluid and Pump Control.

Supporting New Zealand’s Agrarian Heroes: Our products have powered some of New Zealand’s most prominent agricultural players, from Masport & Steelfort’s mowers to Wattle’s harvesting machinery. Our wide-ranging experience ensures that we bring unparalleled expertise to every agricultural challenge.

Unwavering Support, Wherever You Are: With a commitment to optimum performance, our team is ready to offer advice, support, and on-site assistance across New Zealand. Our worldwide telephone support ensures that help is just a call away, no matter the distance.

John Brooks is here to power your agricultural ventures with engineering solutions steeped in sustainability and efficiency.

Reach out to our offices in Auckland, Wellington, or Christchurch today, and let’s cultivate success together.