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In the age of sustainable development and energy conservation, harnessing the power of advanced engineering while minimizing environmental impact is paramount. Engineers across New Zealand and Australia, dive into the future with John Brooks, where innovation meets sustainability.

From the bustling urban hubs of Auckland and Wellington to the picturesque settings of Christchurch, John Brooks is reshaping engineering programming services to prioritize efficiency and sustainability.

Sustainable Human-Machine Interactions (HMI): Our offering extends beyond traditional HMIs. We deliver state-of-the-art Beijer HMI screens, boasting sizes that cater to every need. With their resilient aluminium casings, they're designed for everything from rugged terrains to eco-friendly factory settings. The innovative vector graphics ensure scalability, guaranteeing a flexible, competitive, and energy-efficient solution. Our HMIs support a wide variety of controllers, ensuring seamless integration while championing eco-friendly tech solutions.

Learn More how we use it to design and develop a Dairy CIP System here.

Eco-Friendly Motion Control: Our expertise in Motion Control champions both innovation and sustainability. Collaborating with top-tier partners like Trio, ABB-Baldor, IMS, and JVL, we not only control machine motion but also optimize energy usage. An exemplar of our commitment to this domain is our collaboration with the Manukau Institute of Technology, cultivating the next generation of eco-conscious engineers. By integrating IO functions directly into motors, we've streamlined operations and reduced energy wastage.

Explore what we can offer for Automation and Motion Control here.

Efficient Machine Control: We're redefining machine control with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and smart relays, ensuring energy efficiency at every step. Whether we're driving the complete solution or collaborating with partners, our focus remains steadfast: energy-efficient programming that stands the test of time.

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Remote Engineering Support: Tapping into the digital age, we can cater to your programming needs both on-site and remotely. This not only reduces our carbon footprint but also ensures a cost-effective and sustainable solution for your business.

Discover how we build equipment for Dairy, Farming and Food Processing Industries here.

Engineers, as you steer towards a sustainable tomorrow, let John Brooks be your trusted partner. With an array of sustainable solutions and a dedication to energy efficiency, we're ready to meet your every need. Dive into a conversation with our experts at John Brooks in Auckland, Wellington, or Christchurch. Together, let's engineer a brighter, greener future.