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Innovative Packaging Solutions: Merging Engineering with Sustainability for New Zealand's Future

Packaging and printing engineering, with its multifaceted nuances, necessitates collaboration with astute engineering professionals like John Brooks. Our exhaustive collection of tension control equipment, complemented by other quintessential engineering components, is curated to meet the intricate demands of contemporary printing landscapes.

Printing tension control is a formidable challenge given the inherently unstable nature of the materials involved. A successful system must be both nimble and precise, adapting to change dynamically. Our offerings, steeped in cutting-edge technologies, span magnetic particle clutches & brakes, pneumatic brakes, AC/DC motors, and Brushless Motor technology. Such a comprehensive arsenal ensures that every unique requirement is met with the most fitting solution.

Our product suite is broad, inclusive of Baldor or ABB brushless servo motors, Magpowr tension controls, and magnetic particle clutches and brakes. Additionally, John Brooks takes pride in its exclusive distributorship for New Zealand of the "Re" brand - a beacon of quality and trust in Europe for tension control. Our portfolio features Re Magnetic particle brakes, clutches, pneumatic tension brakes, controllers, load cells, and the state-of-the-art Re Web print inspection systems.

The brilliance of the Re Web print inspection systems is evident in their precision. Load cell sensors, strategically positioned along the print web, scrutinize the production line's force, which is then relayed to the control unit. This sophisticated system seamlessly modulates braking or clutching, ensuring unwavering tension throughout the entire printing journey. Infused with CMOS sensor technology, the focus is on delivering unparalleled colour precision and image robustness. Notably, the Carter Holt Harvey Paper Bag plant extensively employs Re products, including the Re Web print inspection.

Our service spectrum spans from conception to commissioning, with solutions ranging from ribbon tape winding to cardboard processing. An illustration of our prowess is evident at the Whakatane Board Mill, where the Re Brake product plays a pivotal role in corrugated board manufacturing. Our bandwidth accommodates businesses of all scales, from niche printing entities to behemoth paper manufacturers like Norske Skog, Carter Holt Harvey, and Fletchers.

As New Zealand marches towards a sustainable future, let John Brooks be your trusted partner in melding advanced engineering with eco-friendly packaging practices. Reach out to our offices in Auckland, Wellington, or Christchurch for a consultation today.