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Printing and Packaging engineering can be complex, and it’s important to consult an engineering specialist like John Brooks Ltd when considering options.  We have an extensive range of tension control equipment, and we also stock other engineering components that are useful in today’s modern printing environments. 



Printing tension control applications are very demanding because they deal with materials that are not stable – and thus any response to change needs to be dynamic and accurate. Our tension control systems use a number of different technologies including magnetic particle clutches & brakes, pneumatic brakes and controls, AC/DC motors and controls, and Brushless Motor technology.  This technology range breadth means that the most suitable option for your needs can be selected.  


We can supply Baldor or ABB brushless servo motors and controls, Magpowr tension controls, and magnetic particle clutches and brakes. Additionally, we are the exclusive New Zealand distributors for the “Re” brand, Europe’s most recognised tension control brand. We can supply Re Magnetic particle brakes and clutches, Re Pneumatic tension brakes and clutches, Re Tension controllers, Re Load cells, and Re Web print inspection systems.

With Re Web print inspection systems, load cell sensors placed throughout the print web monitor the force on the production line, and relay that information back to the control unit.  The unit then brakes or clutches accordingly (handling torques from 0-4620Nm) to ensure that constant tension is applied throughout the whole printing process. This forces paper or film unwinds or rewinds. The systems are CMOS sensor equipped and focus on colour fidelity and image quality, with unmatched colour accuracy and image stability. The Carter Holt Harvey Paper Bag plant uses a number of Re products including Re Web print inspection.

We offer a complete design quote and commissioning service, and cover products from winding ribbon tape through to card board. As an example, the Whakatane Board Mill uses the Re Brake product to control corrugated board manufacture.  We can help any size of business, from small labelling or printing plants right through to large paper manufacturers such as Norske Skog, Carter Holt Harvey, and Fletchers.

Let John Brooks Ltd take care of your printing and packaging engineering needs. Contact our John Brooks Auckland, John Brooks Wellington, or John Brooks Christchurch offices now.