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Product Code: DAIRY MGR

DAIRY MGR is the complete package for automating the Dairy shed for Milking Session, Plant Washing and Vat Washing as well as monitoring and recording a variety of data from these processes.  From milk temperatures, milking session start and finish times, plant and vat wash routines, and correct operation of your milking plant both during and after milking sessions. DAIRY MGR comes in both a basic and pro version and is designed and built in New Zealand with NZ based tech support.


  • Retrofit into your existing plant
  • Monitor, record and export milk temperature data
  • Monitor, record and export wash routine and temperature data
  • Comes with all sensors and interlocks
  • Industrial strength touch screen with real time dashboard of vacuum, milk line and vat temperatures
  • Text message/email alert notifications
  • Self-diagnosing faults within the plant
  • Automate vat refrigeration and agitator
  • Automate milk recovery in the pipework between milk pump and vat
  • Supports multiple vats

Extra features available in DAIRY MGR Pro:

  • Comes with all pneumatic valves and chemical pumps to execute wash programs
  • Manual override is possible if the need arises


  • Complete automation of your milking and wash schedules
  • Reduces the risk of human error or equipment malfunction
  • Be alerted of any issues straight away with text message and email notifications
  • Helps comply with MPI regulations

Some added extras for DAIRY MGR include:

  • DAIRY MGR Accessories
  • Remote Access
  • Pit interface and alarm light

For New Zealand placed web orders : Min Fee $10 Shipping Nationwide.

Note: Rural addresses we will add a small surcharge.