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Good effluent management is a combination of having a well-designed effluent system and processes for dairy farmers that make sure the effluent the system collects is applied to pasture in the right amount at the right time according to local regulations.

In order to take care of all your effluent pump control  - EFFLUENT FLO helps you to save farmers scarce water supply and pumps precise amounts of effluent to paddocks while protecting the pipes and pump every single time.

Due to our uneven New Zealand landscape, it is challenging to ensure the right amount of effluent is pumped to fields located at different altitudes and distances away from the pump due to head pressure and this effect on pumping flow rate.

EFFLUENT FLO ensures that you can pump different pump set volumes to your fields at different altitudes.


The product is compatible for all existing types of effluent pumps – mono positive displacement and centrifugal. EFFLUENT FLO also allows you to pump control via a flowmeter setpoint or a lower cost pressure transducer setpoint maintaining the speed of the pump with over pressure protection increasing the life of the product.

Its solid heavy duty stainless steel body comes with weather protection and additional 2 years warranty making it very long lasting and easy to maintain.

Burst Pipe Protection and blocked Pipe protection stops pumping effluent if it senses a blockage hence protecting the pipes.

It also protects your pump with Run Dry protection and maximum run time. Designed and made locally in New Zealand by NZ based tech support.


Summary of Key Features and Benefits:

  • Retrofits for all existing types of effluent pumps – mono positive displacement, centrifugal.
  • 3 phase 11kw, 15kw, 18.5kw, 22kw with larger sizes available on request.
  • Pump control via a flowmeter setpoint or a Pressure transducer setpoint.
  • 1-3 set points to suit different paddock elevations and levels.
  • Accurately measure volume with flow meter OR turn off pump utiliseing a built in timer.
  • Remote Start/Stop & Setpoint buttons, fault alarm notification light mounted on side bracket- Additional accessories
  • Stirrer kits available to run stirrers from 4.0 kw to 11.0kw within the effluent pond. Stirrer kits consist of motor contacts and soft starters - Additional accessory.

For New Zealand placed web orders : Min Fee $10 Shipping Nationwide.

Note: Rural addresses we will add a small surcharge.